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Want a lambo?

Then get this FK app NOW MF.


Great app to have


This App has so much potential yet it’s too basic and disappointing. PROS: 1) instant notification of new listings 2) most well known exchanges are there 3) not expensive CONS: 1) price is displayed in USD or BTC, no ETH 2) most new listed Alts have no info at all 3) if ICO selling price (of newly listed coins) is included it’d have been very helpful 4) if ICO average rating (of newly listed coins) is included it’d have been superb 5) there are no settings in the App, only support & FAQ... etc. Again, it’s a basic App. I’ll keep searching for a better one.


IOS Apps keeps crashing when trying to scroll down through trending and notifications list. I like the app but this is annoying

no push notifications

Unfortunately, I don’t get any push notifications after new listings.

Great app

Worth the money and does what it says it does

Good support

Had issues with the app . However when I complained they got back to me and helped me in fixing it which I appreciate . Good work !!!

Fantastic App

This app is awesome and keeps you up to date in real time about upcoming listed coins so you can maximize trading profits on volatility

Good tool

Trying to get into the smaller coin market was difficult but this app has been helpful in seeing new coins hit the markets

Great crypto tool

The original issues that I had with this app have been fixed! Now that you can filter notifications per exchange, this app gets an easy 5 stars and a recommendation from me! Definitely worth the money. As a side note, please do your research on new coins being added to your favorite exchange. Not all new additions do well. And if the coin has already been on other exchanges before coming to your exchange, it’s price will most likely settle near the price that it’s at on the other exchanges.

Best app

This app has made me money.! Makes day trading in cryptos a breeze.!

Yes! I needed this

I hope not too many people download because I want this to be a little secret haha


Would like to be able to sort the exchanges or coin/token. Or set an alert for coins on a chosen exchange

Nothing Innovational

This app does nothing new and doesn't cover any of the smaller cap coins. Really serves no purpose.

The app you have been waiting for

Why spend hours on Telegram asking people when your favorite coin will be release when you can just GET this app that will send you a notification on release.

Does not work as advertised

Yet to get notified about an exchange listing. There ware 5 already for which I manually had to refresh to see.

Great product

New update is making my bot crash every time i open the app. Other than that a great product when it works

Worked great, but updated and nothing but crashes.

This app worked great the couple days I had it, but now after the update all it does is crash after opening. For whatever reason it still sends push notifications, but it won't start for anything.


Can’t even load after this new update, just crashes over and over again.


I thought i was going to like it but. Its too basic. I wish u could search for the crypto u would like to see, instead u have to scroll until u can find it. Also notifications are only for updates about a coin not about coin statistics.. not worth the money.


Simple. Duz what it sayz.

Completely Useless

Probably one of the worst crypto-app purchases I’ve ever made.

Simple & Very Useful App

Update: Love trending feature and really appreciate the quick response! Is there anyway you can add a filter option so we can select which exchanges we want push notifications from? Absolutely love the App! One of the things that I have noticed is there are a ton of apps on the App Store that offer cool charts, custom organization, price drop alerts... but none that offer real time and future notification of currencies being added to the exchanges. This has been very helpful for me to down-select which currency to get into next. That being said it would be great if you guys could add the coin rankings or which coins are currently trending. Thx!

Add it to applwatch maybe?

I like the concept of the app, I’m yet to get notified for new coins since I just got the app. It’d be great if you guys built a watch app for it, I’d like to receive the notifications on my watch.

Good app!

This is a great app to stay one step ahead of the curve! Nicely done!

Solid App

The UI is nice. Let's make some awesome trades!

Awesome. Definitely recommend.

Push notifications are accurate, timely, and give me the exact info I need.

Finally -Info to make $

This app notifies when a new coin enters an exchange. Buying a new coin in the first hour can often times lead to the most profit!

Everything I need

Simple to use, simple to understand. Great job on making it user friendly and intuitive.

Great app!

Great notifications!

Easy to use!

What I like about this app is that it does all the work for me. No need to look through reddit for potential new coins

Crypto app that finally demystifies

Awesome. Finally a crypto app that has the functionality I need to make $&$. 😀

All thumbs up!

If I had three thumbs, I would put all three up for this app. Thank you Crypto Tracker and NEBL. Did a swing trade when it hit Binance. Was pretty exciting!

Simple, effective

Clean, easy to use. Should keep advancing capability but for now it gets the job done

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